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Progressive Crop Consultant
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  • A New Generation of Precision Spray Technology
    Fruit, nut, ornamental nursery, horticultural and greenhouse industries are among the fastest-growing enterprises in US agriculture. Application of pesticides and other production strategies have ensured their high-quality products meet stringent market requirements. However, low-efficiency, decades-old spray technologies are commonly used to treat these specialty crops and have caused an enormous… Read more »
  • Understanding CCA Certification Exams
    I never really understood what certification means until I heard it described by a psychometrician. I have been a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) for nearly two decades and felt I knew what it means to be a certified professional. I recently attended the North American Certified Crop Advisors On-line Board… Read more »
  • Vegetable Growers Express Impressions, Concerns and Hope for Crop Biostimulants
    Crop biostimulants are many things. First, they are claimed to be multi-functional, including enhancement of soil and crop health, acceleration of soil nutrient cycling and improvement of crop productivity and fruit quality, among other benefits. Second, they are categorized by the active ingredient, application method, cost and target crops. Third,… Read more »
Organic Farmer
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  • Understanding the Economics of Organic Seed Production
    Organic seed production is a developing industry and viable economic opportunity for organic growers. To help growers manage the uncertainties and risks inherent to seed production, and to help growers earn more profit, Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) recently published an online toolkit to assist organic seed growers and seed enterprises.… Read more »
  • Micronutrients: Effective Measurement and Use of Manganese
    This article is the second in a two part series on the micronutrient manganese. See the February/March issue of Organic Farmer magazine for additional information on manganese. A close reading of the information provided in Part 1 of this article series and elsewhere should make it evident that testing for… Read more »
  • Biosolarization and Cover Crop Impact on Weeds and Soilborne Pathogens
    Soils contain a lot of good things, but they are also reservoirs for weeds, pathogens and nematodes, which, if left uncontrolled, can devastate crop yields. If soilborne pests rise to economically damaging levels, it becomes necessary for growers to use soil disinfestation techniques to kill soilborne organisms. Most conventional growers… Read more »

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