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Progressive Crop Consultant
  • Angled Shoot Projection (SASP) Trellis Design
    We have a small vineyard consisting of mostly French and a few Spanish varietals planted on deep sand, sandy loam, and river rock clay soils. The deep sand soil creates vines that are balanced in growth and grapes that produce wines with a mineral touch. In contrast, the sandy loam… Read more »
  • Mechanized Vineyard—Is it the Wave of the Future?
    Mechanization progress in a traditionally labor intensive crop is yielding improved production and quality. Wine grape growers in California’s San Joaquin Valley and other wine grape growing regions are finding benefits in University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) research into mechanized dormant pruning and shoot removal. While the traditional winegrape… Read more »
  • Maximizing the Efficiency of Airblast Spraying
    Agricultural operations are becoming more efficient-have you noticed? Efficiency is defined as using the least amount of input to achieve the highest amount of output. And any business person, engineer or farmer knows that efficiency saves money. Still, there is one critical piece of equipment on every farm that sometimes… Read more »
Organic Farmer
  • Mating Disruption for Navel Orangeworm Available for Organic Nut Crops
    Effective management of navel orangeworm requires an integrated approach to pest management. This is especially true in organic nut crops where insecticides that are industry standards in convention orchards are not available. This puts added emphasis on the need for variety selection, winter sanitation, timely harvest, and mating disruption.  … Read more »
  • Scaling up Your Farm—Is it for you?
    Local foods purchasing has moved beyond farmers markets to mainstream grocery stores. As consumers become more interested in purchasing local foods, chain grocery stores from Walmart to Safeway tout their support of local farmers and are trying to back it up by purchasing from local or regional farmers. At the… Read more »
  • Organic Plant Breeding Yields Superior Cucurbit Varieties
    Farmers looking for disease resistant cucurbits now have more choices thanks to the release of new cucumber and melon varieties by Cornell University, the result of years of research by public plant breeders and organic farmers. These varieties are a result of participatory breeding efforts focused on cucurbits most in… Read more »

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