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  • Benefits of Being a Certified Crop Advisor in the Western United States
    California and Arizona grow produce that feeds the United States and the world. The diversity and value of the products grown in the West require a high level of technical expertise. The intensity of specialty agriculture must be balanced with concern for the environment to ensure sustainable crop production for… Read more »
  • Improving Airblast Spray Applications
    Plenty of factors can contribute to inefficiencies in pesticide spray applications. Complex interactions between equipment, environmental conditions and physical properties of the material being sprayed influence how much of the material hits the target and how much is wasted. Spray applications in tree nut orchards for pest and disease control… Read more »
  • Finding Practical Alternatives to Agricultural PPE During the Current Shortage
    In March a national emergency was declared for the novel Coronavirus and the Defense Production Act invoked to ensure that ventilators and PPE are distributed to healthcare workers in response to the pandemic. This act empowers the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to work from the top of the… Read more »

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