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Progressive Crop Consultant
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  • Biostimulants and Grape Production
    Biostimulants are a broad category of biological products used in crop production to enhance and/or improve conventional nutrition programs. The term “biostimulant” was officially defined in the Agricultural Improvement Act (aka Farm Bill) of 2018 as: “[Plant biostimulants are] a substance or micro-organism that, when applied to seeds, plants, or… Read more »
  • Management of White Rot of Onions and Garlic and Recent Research
    White rot is caused by the fungus, Sclerotium cepivorum, which survives for decades in the soil as poppy seed-sized resting structures. If soil temperatures are between 50o and 75oF, compounds produced by onions and garlic trigger the fungus to break dormancy. Infection results in a soft rot of the garlic… Read more »
  • Tools, Tactics, and Strategies for Managing Postharvest Decay of Apple Fruit
    Introduction: Apple Production, Storage and Rots Apples have an estimated annual farm gate value of nearly $4 billion dollars in the United States, with downstream revenues exceeding $15 billion (US Apple Association). Apples are stored for extended periods of time (up to six months at 1°C in air, and for… Read more »
Organic Farmer
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  • Soil Solarization in the Pacific Northwest
    Imagine taking a math test, solving a really difficult problem, then discovering that your solution answered the next two questions as well. That’s essentially what happened to Oregon State University (OSU) plant pathologist, Jennifer Parke. She set out to solve one problem—treating a specific disease in container nurseries. When that… Read more »
  • Inspiring Stories of Organic Marketing Success
    Meridian Orchards, in Aurora, Oregon is the longest-running certified organic hazelnut orchard in the USA. It was there that a panel of experts shared their inspiring business stories of marketing success during the lunch break of the 2019 Summer Farm Tour. The common threads binding the tales together were organic… Read more »
  • Is an Electrostatic Sprayer the Right Choice for Your Operation?
    Is using an electrostatic air sprayer better for the environment than using a conventional airblast sprayer? “It’s more controlled,” which reduces drift and runoff, said Willie Hartman. Hartman is the president of On Target Spray Systems, out of Mt. Angel, Oregon. Electrostatic sprayers are also less wasteful, according to Hartman.… Read more »

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