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Progressive Crop Consultant
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  • Avocado Invasive Insect Pests
    Globally, invasive insect pests cause substantial damage to agricultural crops and natural environments. In the U.S. alone, crop and forest production losses from invasive insects and pathogens have been estimated at almost $40 billion per year (Pimentel et al. 2005). On average, a new non-native invertebrate is introduced into California… Read more »
  • Developing a Nitrogen Fertilizer Plan for Olive Orchards
    Nitrogen management plans (NMP) for California olive orchards are essential for the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program and can increase net return. A good NMP has the potential to increase yield, improve oil quality and mitigate biotic and abiotic stresses while reducing nitrogen losses from the orchard. Olives differ from other… Read more »
  • Pre-Plant Weed Management Followed by In-Season Control FOR Improved Alfalfa Stand and Yield
    Good stand establishment is critical for productivity of an alfalfa field both in year one and in subsequent years. Weed competition during stand establishment may be irreversible because it can reduce alfalfa root growth and lead to thinner alfalfa stands and lower forage quality. Thus, it is important to have… Read more »
Organic Farmer
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  • Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation as an Organic Systems-Based Approach
    Soilborne pathogens and pests, such as insects and weeds, are a frequent threat in most organic cropping systems. Organic farmers manage soilborne pathogens and pests by applying organic amendments such as composts, growing certain cover crops, using crop rotations and planting resistant varieties. Studies show organically managed fields tend to… Read more »
  • Understanding the Economics of Organic Seed Production
    Organic seed production is a developing industry and viable economic opportunity for organic growers. To help growers manage the uncertainties and risks inherent to seed production, and to help growers earn more profit, Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) recently published an online toolkit to assist organic seed growers and seed enterprises.… Read more »
  • Micronutrients: Effective Measurement and Use of Manganese
    This article is the second in a two part series on the micronutrient manganese. See the February/March issue of Organic Farmer magazine for additional information on manganese. A close reading of the information provided in Part 1 of this article series and elsewhere should make it evident that testing for… Read more »

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