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August 2021 Newsletter

Leaf Analysis Helps Evaluate Nutrition Program

The goal of summer leaf analysis in almond and pistachio production is to see where fertilizer programs can be adjusted to prevent nutritional problems. Laboratory leaf analysis can also help with evaluation of the effectiveness of a fertilizer program and provide a way to compare several fertilizer treatments. In a UC ANR webinar, “Turning Lab Reports into Action,” Kings/Tulare counties Pomology, Soils and Water Farm Advisor Douglas Amaral spoke on optimizing tree nutrition with tissue testing. Diagnosis of potential nutritional problems should be a routine practice in tree nut orchards, Amaral said. Leaf testing, typically done in almond and pistachio...

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Blight, Sunburn are Predisposing Factors in Walnut Mold

Walnut blight, sunburn or insect damage that compromises the integrity of the walnut hull can open the way for mold fungi. Sac Valley Walnut News reports that due to increased reports of walnut mold by California growers, the California Walnut Commission has funded research into management of walnut mold by Plant Pathologist Themis Michailides at UC’s Kearney Agriculture Research and Education Center. In 2020, due to higher levels of mold, walnuts were examined at a stage where the fungal mycelia had not covered the entire kernel. It was determined that for nuts collected from the tree, mold initiated at higher...

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It Pays to Prepare for Pistachio Harvest

During the weeks leading up to the 2021 pistachio harvest, besides monitoring crop maturity progress, growers can also prepare orchards for an efficient harvest. Keenan Farms Farm Manager Zack Raven said he expects their west side orchards to be ready for harvest by Sept. 11 or 12, possibly earlier depending on August weather. Until that time, he said, planning for harvest is important. A firm contract with a custom harvester, irrigation management and safety meetings are his priorities in August. As more acres of California pistachios reach maturity, Raven said, harvest equipment can be spread thin. There is not shortage,...

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Harvest Sampling Can Show Pest Control Efficacy

Harvest sampling provides an opportunity to evaluate integrated pest management programs and determine just where improvements can be made. Drew Wolter, Almond Board of California’s senior specialist in pest management, noted that postharvest is the time to assess strengths and weaknesses of pest control efforts over the past year and make needed changes. Relying on grade sheets from the processor to make management decisions won’t give the complete picture of pest damage in individual orchard blocks. Taking samples will allow identification of which pest caused the crop damage. Efficacy of pest control materials applied, application timing and success of monitoring...

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