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December 2019 Newsletter

Cal/OSHA Releases Revised Draft Nighttime Lighting Standard for Agriculture

In April of this year, Cal/OSHA (California Occupational Safety and Health) held a public hearing to consider specific requirements for lighting standards for working around agricultural equipment at night. The proposed new standard entitled “Outdoor Agricultural Operations During Hours of Darkness” was a result of a request by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) submitted to the Cal/OSHA Standards Board in 2013 claiming they had investigated a number of accidents occurring in agriculture during nighttime work activities, including serious injuries and one fatality. In reviewing the information, it was determined that these accidents occurred primarily in the early...

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Planning for Replant in Walnuts

Pulling out a walnut orchard with the intention of replanting a new one requires careful planning to overcome tree health challenges. University of California orchard systems specialists recommend identifying the potential problems by soil sampling, developing a plan for tree removal, soil remediation and fumigation, then choosing rootstocks to match conditions. An 18-24 month interval from cutting trees to replanting a new orchard leaves sufficient time to address the potential for the most serious challenges: replant disease, root lesion nematode and crown gall. Orchard removal should start with a soil test for nematodes. If nematodes are present, tree removal starts...

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Herbicide Delivery Model Prevents Drift

Weed control in nut orchards is always an issue for growers and farm managers. With the impending increased regulation and practical loss of the valuable contact herbicide gramoxone, alternative products and alternative control methods are being explored. Justin Nay, president and CEO of Integral Ag Inc. and a Certified Crop Consultant & Pest Control Adviser (PCA) and Joseph King a PCA also of Integral Ag Inc. have been working on an herbicide delivery system that will allow glyphosate use in sensitive crops. Nay said that because of the systemic activity of glyphosate drift, it is not recommended in almonds or...

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Incentive Funds Grow for WOR

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s incentive program for Whole Orchard Recycling has proved so successful the program’s initial $1 million in funding was increased this year to $5 million. Brian Dodds, program manager for grants and incentives at the air district said that 137 almond orchard recycling projects have been completed or approved by the district this year. Another 20 orchard recycling projects are in review, but there are still funds remaining for growers who are considering almond orchard removal and recycling. Growers with approved applications are reimbursed in the range of $300 to $600 per acres with...

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