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Almond Trees

Increasing Yields and Reducing Inputs

In farming, we are always striving to produce two outcomes: Increasing yields while reducing input costs. Of course, that’s much easier said than done. A couple years ago, after presenting a budget to a farmer, I received a common response: “Rich, It’s not always what you make, but what you save that matters…” Well, that only makes sense if you have already maximized your production. Let’s dive a little deeper into that math. Increasing Yields Let’s say a farmer makes a 2000 pound almond crop. At an arbitrary price of $250 per pound our gross yield is $5000 per acre. That’s simple math. Now let’s look at two different scenarios:  Farmer Bill spent $1000 per acre to get that yield. Farmer Bob spent $1200 per acre to produce his nuts. Both farmed about the same with their inputs and timing. Obviously, Farmer Bill made $200 per acre more profit. What...

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