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Tools for Successfully Wrapping Up the Season

As another season comes to a close, the relief that comes with bringing the busiest time of year to an end is palatable. It is also tempting to rush to the much-needed downtime and understandably so! There is, however, an opportunity to ensure compliance finishing touches happen and that you pause, reflect and make note of how next year can be improved. There are a variety of tools to leverage and assist you in successfully wrapping up the season. End of Employment Winding down the season also means terminating employment of seasonal workers. There are important steps to remember to ensure that the individuals receive the appropriate information and that you document their departure accordingly. It is helpful to turn the following into a checklist that you complete for each employee and keep on file:

  • Provide final paycheck and include unpaid vacation, PTO, other benefits
  • Provide Final Paycheck Acknowledgment...

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Post-Harvest Prep for Walnuts: Weeds, Nutrients, and Bot

Harvest takes a toll on orchards, and as the hustle and bustle of walnut harvest comes to a close, trees need time to rest, recover, and refuel. Growing operations may be headed into a slower time of year, but post-harvest actions taken to prepare the tree for—or nourish the tree during winter—help ensure its health and productivity come spring. Less active months are good times to check equipment and revisit the effectiveness of the previous season’s protocols, while also considering the winter management of weeds, nutrients, and diseases or infections. Weed Control Luckily for walnut growers who have mature trees, many weed populations can’t emerge simply because the canopy shades out the sunlight. But, weeds still make an appearance in the winter. As the end of harvest approaches, growers do a postharvest irrigation, which causes flushes of weeds to sprout up. By the end of November, most growers have begun...

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Post-Harvest Almonds: Getting Ready for Colder Weather

The rush of the almond harvest season is behind us, and now growers are heading into preparations and maintenance for next season. But, while the trees may slow down for the winter, a grower’s work doesn’t stop. There are a few things that you must remember or consider while the colder months approach. Water, nutrients, and other maintenance are vital to a successful crop next year. Postharvest Criticals Water One of the most important things you can do postharvest is water the trees. As much as possible, the trees need to have adequate moisture, which helps keep the leaves on the tree, barring possible diseases that might cause otherwise. For as much as an orchard needs to have water, it’s also extremely important to be cautious about overwatering. Moving from September and October and into winter weather may mean that trees are using less water, and therefore growers are applying...

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Almond Trees

Increasing Yields and Reducing Inputs

In farming, we are always striving to produce two outcomes: Increasing yields while reducing input costs. Of course, that’s much easier said than done. A couple years ago, after presenting a budget to a farmer, I received a common response: “Rich, It’s not always what you make, but what you save that matters…” Well, that only makes sense if you have already maximized your production. Let’s dive a little deeper into that math. Increasing Yields Let’s say a farmer makes a 2000 pound almond crop. At an arbitrary price of $250 per pound our gross yield is $5000 per acre. That’s simple math. Now let’s look at two different scenarios:  Farmer Bill spent $1000 per acre to get that yield. Farmer Bob spent $1200 per acre to produce his nuts. Both farmed about the same with their inputs and timing. Obviously, Farmer Bill made $200 per acre more profit. What...

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