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Bumper Crops Push Walnut Market

Global walnut production and exports will set records during 2020-21, impacting the export-reliant U.S. market....
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Oregon Hazelnut Varieties in a Nutshell

To the untrained eye, a hazelnut tree is a hazelnut tree; one orchard may look...
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Demonstrating Biologically Integrated Orchard Systems in Walnuts

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is working closely with UCCE and participating growers...
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Soil Sampling for Mature Tree Nut Orchards

Checking salinity levels in orchard soils or residual fertility at the end of the growing...
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Trade Officials, ABC Work Closely to Maintain, Expand Markets

After harvest, almonds travel a long and twisted route before they meet their end consumer,...
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