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Early Adopters Turn to Vacuum Packaging to Preserve Dry Goods

Published: May 3, 2019 • 1012 views

Pest control offshoot “VacQPack” uses vacuum and modified atmosphere to keep goods safe.

(Los Angeles, California, USA) –April 4th  2019 – A pest control company offshoot’s innovative spin on dry goods preservation is receiving strong reviews from early adopters.

VacQPack received 100% positive feedback from early adopters during the company’s initial shipping orders. The VacQPack system revolutionizes how dry goods are shipped by combining low pressure, low oxygen and temperature monitoring to create a perfectly preserved space for shipping commodities.

“We wanted to create a system that was totally organic,” says US/Canada VacQPack Distributor John Willoughby. “Previously, companies were forced to use pesticides or fumigators to keep food free from pests on international trips. Now, they can just use VacQPack.”

The combination of low-oxygen and low-condensation in the VacQPack system drastically increases the length of time that dry goods can be stored without spoilage. By some estimates, dry goods stored using VacQPack last up to 4 years longer than traditional methods. The system also improves resistance to oxidation, color change and undesirable taste changes – all without the use of pesticides.

Goods shipped via VacQPack are first wrapped in an airtight bulk liner. The VacQPack system removes oxygen, leaving a low-oxygen blend of inert gases carbon dioxide and nitrogen to act as a biotreatment against infestation and oxidation.  Once the product is sealed, the climate-controlled storage package also prevents condensation and mold growth during overseas transits.

“Our initial tests with our early adopters have been extremely positive,” says Willoughby. “The side-by-side comparisons between VacQPack shipping and traditional shipping clearly show a difference. We believe VacQPack will become the new standard for how products are shipped overseas.”

About VacQPack:

VacQPack is a spin-off of EWS Group. VacQPack was created to be complementary to the pest control services of EWS, serving its customers with biotreatment solutions. VacQPack uses modern techniques to treat and preserve high-value commodities in bulk packaging. VacQPack specializes in dry food, combining vacuum and environmental control techniques to minimize spoilage during transit. It can be applied to most dry solid products, as well as powders in agricultural, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. For more information, go to www.vacqpack.com.