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On Target Spray Systems Hires Chad Herrmann

Published: April 5, 2019 • 1070 views

Herrmann to join team bringing electrostatic technology to agricultural industry—offering farmers and growers superior coverage, less environmental impact, and signficiant savings 


April 4, 2019, Mt Angel, Oregon – On Target Spray Systems, the global leader in electrostatic spray technology, hires Chad Herrmann, as business development specialist. Herrmann previously worked at Bayer Agroscience as market development specialist. He received his Master’s in Science degree in Horticulture from Michigan State University, where he studied applied weed science in fruit, vegetable, and ornamental crops.


“While electrostatic technology has been applied in other industries for decades, such as automotive paint, it hasn't been widely adopted in agriculture,” states Willie Hartman, president. “Chad will be integral in working with farmers and growers to achieve better results with lower costs.”


From Herrmann, “I believe electrostatic is the future of spraying and I’m excited to be on this cutting-edge team,” shares Herrmann “I’m passionate about introducing the next generation spray technology to farmers and growers who may still be using air blast sprayers and not realize they can achieve better results with lower inputs saving considerable money.”


Electrostatic Sprayers Save the (Rainy) Day for East Coast Wine Growers
When asked why he’s a proponent of electrostatic technology, Herrmann shares the following example. Last year, East Coast wine grape growers experienced an unusually rainy season causing widespread mildew and rot problems. Some growers didn’t even pick. “With the On Target sprayer, we were able to keep on top of the spray program,” shares Chris Jenkins of Faith Brooke Vineyard in Luray, Virginia. “Timing was critical, application efficiency was critical, and we were able to make it happen. We actually had a fair crop, where a lot of vineyards lost theirs.” Click here to learn more from impacted growers.


About On Target Spray Systems
Headquartered in Oregon, On Target Spray Systems is the leader in providing reliable, electrostatic spray technology to the agricultural industry. Company founder Willie Hartman began his career selling greenhouse sprayers and equipment. He was instantly drawn to the power of electrostatic technology. With a passion to innovate, Mr. Hartman and his engineering team began a quest to create sprayers that were easier to maintain, more reliable, and more effective.  On Target Spray Systems was born. Driven by technology and powered by a dynamic team, the company now serves farmers and growers in 10 countries and more than 10 different crop segments.  Equipment proudly made and manufactured in the USA. Visit www.ontargetspray.com