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Roos Tree Nursery: Ready to Grow with Farmers Who Value the Healthiest Orchards

Published: March 18, 2019 • 1176 views

As a third-generation farmer and owner of Roos Tree Nursery, Tim Roos understands the risks and investment
associated with developing a new orchard. He also knows that each walnut or almond tree he sells is a direct reflection
on his reputation.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

His wholesale nursery, started in 2018 in Stanislaus County with his wife Suzy, has a simple mission: to carefully craft
the healthiest almond and walnut nursery stock in California.

“With so many rootstocks and varieties available, it is more difficult than ever to make the right choice for success,”
Roos said. “Whether it’s a new planting or replacement trees, I place my name and company brand on every tree.”

Roos grew up on a ranch near Ripon. His father custom-planted almonds and walnuts for farmers, giving Roos an
unparalleled vantage point early in life. That insight allowed him to learn about soil types, rootstock, ground
preparation and field layouts years before he graduated from Fresno State University.

Today, Roos has nearly two decades of experience in the industry, much of it working as operations and sales manager
for the highly respected Bonilla Tree Nursery in Oakdale. When that business closed in 2017, Roos leaned on the
relationships he had cultivated with clients and co-workers to open his own wholesale tree nursery. In fact, many of
Roos Tree Nursery’s eight full-time employees are the highly skilled grafters who made the Bonilla Nursery famous.

“Experienced, longstanding family farmers have grown frustrated with the current wholesale nursery offerings,” Roos
said. “We offer healthy, disease-resistant trees that are meticulously cared for, from seed to field.”
Roos Tree Nursery sells two kinds of trees:


  • June Bud Walnuts: A 1-year-old bare root tree budded in June
  •   Bare Root Almonds: A tree grown in the ground and dug out (harvested) while dormant for planting in
    the winter

Roos said his nursery caters to “discerning farmers who value the healthiest trees, and the expertise in which
they were crafted, cultivated and conveyed.” The nursery combines the latest technology to grow and grade
trees with time-tested methods and a hands-on approach to nurture every young tree. Roos also believes his
relationship with each client and personal touches like digging trees to fill each order separate him from the

“Our commitment and discipline to the process of caring and doing what is best for each tree translates into
longstanding, profitable orchards for our customers,” he said.

Roos said customer service is a fundamental part of his company. Farmers can communicate directly with the person
responsible for growing their trees – Roos. He believes this leads to better planning during the orchard development
phase and less chance for errors in orders and delivery.

“All of this translates to peace of mind for farmers as they make significant investments in their fields,” Roos said. “Our
company was formed to provide farmers with the healthiest trees available and year-round grower support.”
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