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Drone Adoption Grows as Technology Rapidly Evolves

Before drone technology became available farmers would have to procure images of their operations from satellite services or through the use of manned aircraft. In a relatively short period of time the cost, quality and sophistication of aerial image capture changed significantly. What began as somewhat of a novelty has grown into a full-fledged industry that continues to become more advanced every year. While drone technology initially developed outside of the agricultural sector, it did not take long to realize that many of the features being utilized in other industries could be applied on farming operations. An increasing number of...

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An IPM Approach to Vertebrate Pests

By Cecilia Parsons | Associate Editor

They don’t look that destructive in Disney movies, but vertebrate pests in almond orchards can drive growers and managers nuts. Vertebrate pests run the gamut from coyotes to ground squirrels, to voles and even roof rats. Depending on the species, they can cause yield losses by feeding on nuts, pose food safety issues in the orchard, and damage irrigation lines. Their burrows can slow harvest, damage equipment and pose safety hazards for workers and livestock. Some vertebrate species can also transmit diseases to humans. Vertebrate Pest Pressure Roger Baldwin, a University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) specialist in the...

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Use of Technology in Regulatory Functions

By Terry Brase | Director, Farm of the Future at West Hills Community College

As more and more technological devices and practices are developed, growers will continue to get  and more sales pitches. A walk through any conference exhibit hall is a small look at the huge market that is ag technology. It is a very competitive market and these companies and developers are not only fighting for the investor’s dollar, they are competing for the growers sales dollars. Developers and their marketers must provide justification to the grower for their products. If the market is to support the product, it must have a specific benefit to the grower. Benefits of Technology The obvious...

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