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Groundwater Recharge

Groundwater Recharge In Almonds

By Cecilia Parsons, Associate Editor

With California’s drought in mind, more researchers are delving into plant water use, specifically, plant responses to limited water during the growing season.   University of California plant scientist Ken Shackel, a speaker at the 2016 South Valley Nut Conference, has been working on a project that addresses the opposite situation: how a plant responds to too much water. Shackel’s research project in the northern San Joaquin Valley is looking less at plant water use and more on how almond trees react over time to wintertime flooding of an orchard.  The findings from this multiple year study could pave the way for use of almond orchards in groundwater recharge programs.   The opportunity to bank groundwater and recharge declining groundwater levels carries issues with tree and root health as well as economic, environmental and political issues. Those all have to be addressed before moving forward the program, Shackel said.  ...

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New Technologies Benefit Nut Processors

By Kathy Coatney, Editor

New technology is expensive, but many times it is worth the investment because of the resulting savings in time, efficiency and improved product.   Electrical Systems Electrical systems have been greatly improved in recent years by the use of PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). PLC’s allow huller/sheller operators to initiate operation of all equipment with a single control. Additionally, future equipment can be added by simply changing the PLC program. Changing the program easily allows sequencing of equipment start-up and shut down.   Precleaning Precleaning of field harvested almonds has been improved with the advent of receiving pit vibrating feeder/scalpers. This equipment allows the operator to discharge the almonds directly onto the feeder/scalper without clogging stationary pit grates. The feeder/scalper also removes sticks and other large foreign material, which in turn, protects the downstream equipment. John Dyrseth, owner of San Joaquin Systems in Modesto, California, said the benefits to updating the precleaning equipment would...

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