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fsma preventative control for the nut industry

FSMA: Preventative Controls for the Nut Industry

By: Safe Food Alliance, Contributing Writer
For our second installment in this series on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) series, we’re going to talk about the “Preventive Controls” rule, which is the main rule for food processors. It’s similar to the Hazard and Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), with some notable differences which we’ll address below, including some specific requirements that you may not have seen before.
Who’s Covered
In general, facilities which register with FDA under part 415 of the FD&C act (that is, food processors) have to comply with...

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New Technologies Benefit Nut Processors

By: Kathy Coatney, Editor New technology is expensive, but many times it is worth the investment because of the resulting savings in time, efficiency and improved product.   Electrical Systems Electrical systems have been greatly improved in recent years by the use of PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). PLC’s allow huller/sheller operators to initiate operation of all equipment with a single control. Additionally, future equipment can be added by simply changing the PLC program. Changing the program easily allows sequencing of equipment start-up and shut down.   Precleaning Precleaning of field harvested almonds has been improved with the advent of receiving pit vibrating feeder/scalpers. This...

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What you need to Consider Before Building a Walnut Huller

By: Kathy Coatney, Editor A wet harvest is a concern for many walnut growers. Will I have a home for my nuts or will I be left out in the cold? A major motivation for growers to move into hulling is ensuring their own nuts, according to Bill Carriere, president of Carrier Family Farms in Glenn, California. Carriere farms have been hulling walnuts since 1974. Installing a huller is a big capital outlay, Carriere continued. “Some of it is basically just insurance that you have a home for your walnuts at the time you want it.”   Individual Versus Commercial Roger...

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Processing: The Newest in Sorting Machines

By: Cecilia Parsons, Associate Editor Automation, food safety and efficiency are driving forces in nut processing equipment innovation.   Leaders in some of the major walnut processing equipment and systems design companies spoke about some of the changes that have occurred in walnut hulling, sorting and drying.   The process begins right after walnuts are picked up from the orchard floor and delivered to a huller. Unlike almonds, walnuts are not stockpiled due to their high moisture content. They must be hulled and dried quickly to preserve quality.   Hullers first separate out field debris, sticks, dirt and rocks. Next, hulls...

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