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an arial photo done by drones

UAV Research Shows Promise

By Kathy Coatney
What do drones or UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, hold for the future for agriculture? Currently, there are three main uses for UAVs in nut orchards. 1. Multispectral imaging sensors that are mounted to the drone. In the past, the sensors were much larger and they had to be on a manned aircraft, then flown over an orchard. It was very expensive and could only be done a few times a year, but now there are compact sensors and growers can pilot the drones themselves. They can scan their orchards as frequently as they want for a...

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Remote Sensors

Remote Sensors for Precision Ag at West Hills College

By: Terry Brase, West Hills College Precision Ag Instructor In the previous article of this series, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) were discussed. For all of the attention that UAS get, it is just a piece of the puzzle. First of all the unmanned aerial vehicles are only one type of platform for capturing imagery; there are also satellites, manned flights, and ground based.  Second, platforms are not even the most important part of the puzzle. The imagery that shows how a crop is doing or provides information is the important part.  That leads us this month to the sensors or cameras...

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Technology: Using Electrical Conductivity Sensors to Salinity

By: Terry Brase, West Hills College Precision Ag Instructor West Hills College hosted an Open Farm on October 25, 2017 on the Farm of the Future to demonstrate some of the latest technology. Technology just for the sake of technology will rarely bring benefit. However production or management needs that can be satisfied through the application of technology should be considered. The Farm of the Future tries to incorporate technology we believe to have practical usefulness to growers. Demonstrations at the Open Farm event included: the use of wireless sensors/control network with software to determine power and water efficiencies; use of...

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Electronic measuring

Ag Tech: Electronic dendrometrics can save water and money

by: Len Wilcox, Contributing Writer This month’s Ag Tech topic came about because a reader wrote us with a request for information.  He wanted to know about the use of dendrometrics in water conservation. We’re very glad he asked, as it sent us down a road that has been very interesting. What’s more important is, we found a new water and nutrient monitoring method that could save growers money.   With recently developed electronic measuring techniques, a high-tech equivalent of the old-fashioned dendrometer is becoming an important tool for hi-tech tree and vine growers. It’s helping them deliver water and nutrients...

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Precision Farming: Phone Apps That Help You Farm

by: Len Wilcox, Contributing Writer Whether a person loves them or hates them, cell phones are an integral part of our lives now.  They have become so much more than a phone that we need to find a new name for these devices; cell phone just doesn’t cover it any more.  These are super-computers that put tremendous power right in the palm of our hand.   There’s been an explosion of programs or apps that take advantage of all that computing power.  They put all of the world’s knowledge within reach of anyone who asks for it, at a moment’s notice. ...

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