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Heat Stress: Don’t get burned

Summertime here in the West gets hot, real hot. But luckily, we had a pretty darn mild June after a crazy wet spring. When ground moisture starts higher in the beginning of the season than usual and warmer temperatures are late coming in, we often times get lulled to sleep by less plant stress. By mid-July when certain areas haven’t seen three days over 100 degrees many a farmer tries to save a few bucks by riding out the remaining heat until harvest. This is especially true in heat sensitive row crops like tomatoes or grape vineyards. However, on the...

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Year-Round Health: Nutrition Management in the Orchard

Specialists rattle off chemistry terms, percentages, and solubility, and while it’s all extremely important information in regards to the health of your orchard, this knowledge becomes useless without the help of the most vital component: Water. Richard Kreps, CCA stressed water importance earlier this summer at the Mid Valley Nut Expo in Turlock, California, and it’s no secret that nutrition management comes down to the barest of basics for healthy trees and thriving orchards. But, are your trees drawing water from the depths they should be? What do you do as the season progresses? Ideally, your water is reaching down...

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Nitrogen Management Research for Almonds

Research on nitrogen (N) management in almonds over the past decade has revealed application practices that can be beneficial on a three-pronged approach –  benefits to the tree, to the grower's pocketbook and to the environment. This subject has been the topic of trials, studies and presentations by the industry's top authority, Patrick Brown, professor of Plant Nutrition in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of California (UC) Davis. Additional research has been conducted by Franz Niederholzer, University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) farm advisor, Colusa and Sutter/Yuba counties and research coordinator at the Nickels Soil Lab in Colusa County....

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Taking Super-fy to Superweeks

As fall approaches, pecans are typically top of mind, particularly when it comes to pie and the holiday season. However, as the American Pecan Council works to raise demand for pecans nationwide, we know a critical piece of our efforts is finding creative, engaging, and research-driven ways to reach our target audience outside of harvest and the holidays. We have previously shared with you our overarching campaign to harness the year-round superfood power of American Pecans. The Super-fy marketing campaign leverages the idea that pecans’ powerful nutrition makes them the perfect addition to any snack or meal. From January through...

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Mycorrhizal Fungi Have Benefits in Agriculture

Researchers who are exploring this relationship are finding that mycorrhizal fungi are a vital part of ecosystem health around the world—not only in less intensively managed ecosystems but in agricultural landscapes as well. Mycorrhizal Fungi Mycorrhizal fungi colonize the root system of a host plant to form a symbiotic relationship and assist with water and nutrient acquisition. In return, the plant provides the fungus with energy in the form of carbohydrates, or sugars. In addition, these microscopic fungi may also play an important role in minimizing the impacts of stress and disease on plant hosts. Mycorrhizae exist as microscopic threads...

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