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CSU Fresno Developing Tree Nut Hulling/Processing Course for Students

You may recall, in your previous life of schooling, having to sit through riveting science...
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2019 ‘Off’ Year Pistachio Crop Looks Above Average

Adequate chill over the winter in all California growing regions, plus new acreage coming into...
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Protecting the Roots: Nematode Management in Perennial Crops

The agriculture industry often has adversaries, whether they’re pests, diseases, inclement weather, or various regulations....
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Supplemental Pollination Shows Potential

Every year in early February, University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) farm advisor Elizabeth Fichtner...
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The Call of the Wild: Taming the Sleeping Dragon Bot of Walnut

In the last decade or so, we observed an unusual high incidence of diseases caused...
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