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Potassium in Nut Crops: Plant Uses and Field Application

Potassium in Plants and Soils All tree crops need potassium (K), however its high cost, difficulty in management in some soils, and a sometimes apparent lack of a response to added K has resulted in incomplete adoption of potassium fertilization programs in orchard crops. It is an unusual nutrient in that it is not incorporated into plant tissues. Its role in the plant is primarily relegated to maintaining cellular ion balances, particularly in the stomata, and is an activator of many enzymes. Symptoms of potassium deficiency differ by species, but many symptoms are similar or the same: deficiency symptoms appear...

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Working with Aerial Lifts

Every tree nut grower, huller and processor has some type of aerial lift to elevate workers to perform certain activities on the worksite. From orchard pruning towers to scissor lifts or telescopic/articulating boom lifts to homemade “man baskets” used with forklifts, they are common place throughout the industry. An average of 26 workers die each year from accidents related to aerial lifts. As a result, the industry must be proactive when it comes to working safely with aerial lifts. The most common aerial lift accidents occur as follows: (more…)

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How to Handle Aflatoxin Rejections: Why They Occur, How to Avoid Them

How to Handle Aflatoxin Rejections: Why They Occur, How to Avoid Them Having a shipment of almonds rejected by an overseas port for excessive aflatoxin can be expensive, and it’s especially frustrating when pre-export testing appeared to show that the lot in question was fine. (more…)

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