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Getting the Most Out of a Golden Hills Pistachio Harvest

Prior to the release of the cultivar Golden Hills, pistachio growers in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) of California were accustomed to harvesting a single female cultivar named Kerman. Since Kerman was the only female cultivar that most growers had any experience with, the way Kerman was harvested became synonymous with how pistachios, in general, should be harvested. However, different cultivars have “individualities” that should be addressed to make a harvest more successful. What makes for a successful Kerman harvest is not, necessarily, that which makes for a successful Golden Hills harvest and vice versa. Although Golden Hills was released...

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Another Record Breaking Almond Crop Predicted for 2019

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) releases two almond reports every year. The first is the subject report based on opinions from randomly selected California almond growers throughout the state by a phone survey conducted in April and May. NASS’s objective report provides a more precise estimate on yield based on actual almond counts and measurements gathered from over 850 orchards statewide that includes the weight, size and grade of the average almond sample broken down by growing district and variety. The 2019 subjective report was released in May, and for the second year in...

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Tips for Almond Harvest

Being prepared increases the likelihood of a successful almond harvest

By Cecilia Parsons Associate Editor

Being prepared increases the likelihood of a successful almond harvest.   Pest Control The number one concern for growers approaching harvest should be controlling navel orangeworm (NOW) in their orchards. Mel Machado, director of grower relations for Blue Diamond Growers said timing of spray applications for this pest is critical to control and minimizing nut damage due to NOW. Timing hull split sprays should be at the top of every grower’s harvest preparation checklist, Machado said. “You don’t want to be too late with your hull split sprays, you want to make sure you get good coverage.” Timing and coverage...

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