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What It Wants, When It Wants It: One Company’s Dedication to Precision Nutrition

Jeff Merritt thought he was going to be a doctor. Growing up in an agriculture family that grew peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots, Merritt’s grandfather had roughly 1,600 acres of stone fruit, with the farm having its own packing shed and sales agency. After two bad years, it was all but gone. Highly leveraged and then used to pay off debts, the family was able to keep about 100 acres around the home. Fresh out of high school, Merritt was told there was not much left for him to be a part of, and to pursue a career in something...

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How to Maximize Almond Yields

Almond Yields Maximizing almond yield potential in both the long and short term requires understanding pomological concepts. Research updates presented at The Almond Conference provided growers with those concepts—keys for a successful relationship with their trees with the goal of achieving high sustainable yields. Intercepting the maximum amount of light by the maximum number of trees per acre will determine yield potential, said Roger Duncan, University of California (UC) Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) advisor in San Joaquin County. The reality of production, he pointed out, is that many orchards have a range of soil variability, missing trees and other...

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2020 Almond Pollination Market: Economic Outlook and Other Considerations

The following article summarizes my outlook for the 2020 almond pollination season in terms of estimated demand for colonies, pollination fees, and other information I believe almond growers will find useful. Where possible, information is based on research and data, however some of the outlook comes from my best educated guess given the information available. In 2020, approximately 1.2 million bearing acres of almonds will require roughly 2.4 million colonies for pollination services. 2019 Almond Pollination Market According to the 2019 California Almond Objective Measurement Report, there were 1.17 million bearing acres of almonds in 2019. This brought in roughly...

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Does Late Winter Shaking Reduce Yield Potential in Almonds?

Last year I conducted a research trial in almonds to address a recurring question posed by many growers. Does late shaking of almonds for winter sanitation of mummy nuts reduce the yield potential due to the removal of many of the swelling buds? The 2018 replicated trial in two different orchards indicated it did not. This trial was repeated at two additional sites in 2019 to see if the results could be duplicated. Winter Shaking Winter shaking of overwintering mummy nuts is the single most important cultural activity an almond grower...

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5 Topics to Discuss with Your Beekeeper Before Bloom

ol ol, ul ul, ol ul, ul ol{ margin-left:3em !important; } li{ margin-bottom:2em !important; } In the midst of dormancy and with winter sanitation in full swing, growers are looking ahead to next year and strategizing how to best produce a healthy, bountiful crop. Their strategy should include removing mummy nuts from the orchard and irrigating trees that became water stressed during harvest, two practices that will not only generate greater yields but also increase the long-term health of an orchard. In addition to mummy shaking and irrigating, however, growers need to look...

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