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Practical Nutrient Management in the Wake of Skyrocketing Input Prices

Fertilizer prices are awful, water is expensive if you can get it and prices are down. The perfect storm is hitting us farmers. When you need a raincoat (if it would rain again), a lecture on weather does you no good to help immediately. So, let’s get a little more practical with this article than theoretical. If our yields aren’t at the top of the chart, fertilizer is only expensive if it doesn’t work. Trying to save $100 per acre on inputs won’t “make” you as much money as increasing yield by 300 pounds an acre. So often we focus...

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Five Things to Do in Walnut Orchards in the Spring

New Year’s Eve was a couple months ago, but, as spring approaches, a new year is just beginning in walnut orchards. Depending on the walnut variety and growing area, buds will soon start pushing and roots will begin searching for nutrients and possibly water. With warmer weather, pests and disease will also start new life cycles. These natural occurrences are reminders that certain tasks need to be done in orchards in a timely manner to ensure tree health and productivity. Orchard sanitation, including blowing off berms and shredding orchard debris, starts the year off with a clean orchard. Preemergent herbicide...

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View from the Top: Q and A with Wonderful President Rob Yraceburu

It might be easy to think the Wonderful Company is somehow impervious to the pressures confronting California’s tree nut industry. It is, after all, the world’s largest grower and processor of pistachios and almonds. The company farms nearly 90,000 acres of tree nuts in the San Joaquin Valley and processes 700 million pounds of the two nut crops each year. On top of that, Wonderful also processes and markets the crops of 900 independent pistachio growers, whose orchards stretch from Kern County to north of Sacramento. These “grower partners” deliver their crops to Wonderful from acreage that’s separate from the...

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Pistachio Stressors Interact

Pistachio trees have long been known for their ability to withstand tough environmental conditions. How they adapt to environmental stress and what that means for commercial yields was discussed by UCCE Orchard Systems Specialist Giulia Marino in a 2021 Pistachio Day presentation. When there is a change in the environmental conditions in an orchard, Marino noted, there is a physiological adaptation. The changes impacting a tree’s health can include a reduction in the chill hours during dormancy, elevated soil or water salinity, extreme heat or waterlogging. A tree’s response may impact its productivity. “Plants have strategies to manage stress,” Marino...

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Tips for Financial Planning Through the Drought

As we watch growers rapidly implementing deficit irrigation to keep their crops alive with what water they have, protecting those same growers against wild financial fluctuations has never been more important. While much decision-making and troubleshooting is being executed at the moment, it’s a crucial time to set some concrete plans. The lack of water has meant diminished current-year crops, leading to less revenue. Undeveloped land must continue in fallow condition so that water allotments can be used elsewhere on existing crops. Longer-term conditions are impacting the value of land based on the future water outlook, and this impacts both...

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