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The Ins and Outs of Tissue Testing

As this year’s spectacular bloom is now replaced with delicate green leaves, it’s time to start the foliar testing process.  Of course, the UC has created and implemented the Early Sampling Protocol (UCD-ESP) to better assess our nitrogen needs long before we notice a real problem. Last year we witnessed a crazy March filled with turbulent storms charged with an abundance of lightning strikes.  The atmospheric nitrogen that was transformed through those charges may have been a great contributor to higher than normal nitrogen numbers many of my growers experienced.  The good news is, much of it went into the...

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For Better Yields, Get Personal with Your Trees

Managing orchards is a bit like marriage: It’s a long-term relationship. A mistake today could stay with you for a while, but care and attention to detail can pay benefits year after year. This analogy demonstrates a vital truth that Sebastian Saa, senior manager for Agricultural Research at the Almond Board of California (ABC), stresses upon growers each year: Attaining optimal yields requires taking the time to get to know your trees – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. “Everybody wants to experience good yields, and that’s important,” Saa said. “But understanding how to read the tree, how to interact...

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Shake the Rust Off That Shovel

A shovel. A farmer’s best friend and sometimes worst enemy. You can hear it, calling your name, beckoning you to help it shake off that winter coat of rust and get into that soil. Of course, it can’t do it alone, but the old saying, “the best thing a farmer can put on his field is his own footsteps,” rings especially true in the spring. Last year we had a few incredible deluges late in the spring here in the Central Valley of California that upset the apple cart. This year, we are praying for that again as the drought...

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Foliar Nutrition

The debate over the efficacy of foliar nutrition and its benefit continues to cause some controversy. The goal should be to help our growers achieve optimal yields. Often, just recommending a nutrient because we read about it somewhere, won’t produce the desired result if we aren’t using the right formulation. I still have clients that don’t buy into foliar nutrition as they believe much of it doesn’t work. That argument of whether chemistry is taken in through the leaves is usually put to an end when I ask them a simple question; “If that were the case, you could spray...

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What It Wants, When It Wants It: One Company’s Dedication to Precision Nutrition

Jeff Merritt thought he was going to be a doctor. Growing up in an agriculture family that grew peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots, Merritt’s grandfather had roughly 1,600 acres of stone fruit, with the farm having its own packing shed and sales agency. After two bad years, it was all but gone. Highly leveraged and then used to pay off debts, the family was able to keep about 100 acres around the home. Fresh out of high school, Merritt was told there was not much left for him to be a part of, and to pursue a career in something...

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