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Almond Pollination 2022: Economic Outlook and Other Considerations

In this article, we summarize some considerations for the 2022 almond pollination season, including results from a 2021 survey of commercial beekeepers regarding their almond pollination agreements. The survey results provide insights on pollination fees, agreement details related to advance payment and limiting pesticide exposure as well as beekeeper preferences for bee-friendly cover crop mixes. Almond Industry Update Almond prices rebounded this summer due to a lower-than-anticipated almond crop for the 2021-22 marketing year following roughly a year of low almond prices. Relatively low competition from other exporting countries, coupled with steady growth in almond demand have kept almond prices...

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Pollinator Efforts Lead to Prestigious Sustainability Award for Almond Board of California

The past October, the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) presented its Business for Bees Sustainability Award, an honor reserved for standout organizations that go above and beyond to support pollinators, to the Almond Board of California (ABC) and the state’s almond farmers. “This is about their long-term dedication to supporting all pollinators in their orchards and throughout our ecosystem,” said Kelly Rourke, executive director of Pollinator Partnership, which founded NAPPC 21 years ago. “We’ve worked with them for many years, and this is well-deserved recognition of their steadfast commitment to engaging farmers in pollinator conservation on multiple levels. The...

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Planning for Nitrogen Efficiency for 2022

Nitrogen is 78% of the air we breathe. 78%!? Yet we have to pour the N to our crops to get them to perform at optimal levels because we are told they can’t find a way to use it themselves. Right? So, what happens when N prices double? It’s damn near as debilitating as California West Side surface water costing $2000 an acre-foot or more! The Midwest would be losing their minds if they knew what we pay to farm here in California, but of course, they have their own set of problems. One of which is certainly the price...

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Prevent Water Stress in the Central Valley and Set Trees Up for Bearing Next Year’s Crop

This year, long-range weather forecasts from the National Weather Service call for above-normal temperatures for the southern half of the state and cooler temperatures to the north. As for rainfall, much of the Central Valley looks to have less than a 50% chance of precipitation in November. If this dry forecast proves to be correct, what steps can growers and farm managers take to prevent water stress and set their trees up for bearing next year’s crop? Keep Up with ET “They have to continue to stay in farming mode, keep up with irrigation to meet evapotranspiration demands,” said UCCE...

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Fertilizer Strategies for a Low Price, High Input Cost Season

The perfect storm seems to be rolling into the agricultural mainland. Walnut and almond prices are down, inputs are going up with the petroleum and shipping debacles, water is off the charts (if you can get it) in many districts, and last year’s bumper crops will most likely lead to smaller yields this year. Farmers don’t back away from challenges. In most cases, we pull our hats down a little tighter and get ready for the ride ahead. Well, saddle up buckaroos, this ride is going to get wild! Many of my growers’ original concerns with me, specifically as a...

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