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Nitrogen Calculator Optimizes N Use

By Almond Board of CA, Contributing Writer

Under the Irrigation Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP), Central Valley Water Quality Coalitions’ reporting requirements include farm evaluations, nitrogen summary reports, and a sediment and erosion plan. In high-vulnerability groundwater areas, growers are required to submit certified summary reports annually; in low-vulnerability areas, the report must be kept on-site and certification is not required.   It is important to comply with these requirements, as the Central Valley Regional Water Board is actively enforcing the program with heavy fines for growers who either have not signed up for a coalition or who have not submitted a Nitrogen Management Plan.   N Calculator Almond Board of California (ABC) has created a tool, the Almond Nitrogen Calculator, that not only helps almond growers to manage nitrogen applications for efficient fertilizer use, but also generates a Nitrogen Management Plan as required by ILRP. The N Calculator:  

  • Calculates fertilization rates based on newest UC nitrogen...

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