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Fertilizer Strategies for a Low Price, High Input Cost Season

The perfect storm seems to be rolling into the agricultural mainland. Walnut and almond prices are down, inputs are going up with the petroleum and shipping debacles, water is off the charts (if you can get it) in many districts, and last year’s bumper crops will most likely lead to smaller yields this year. Farmers don’t back away from challenges. In most cases, we pull our hats down a little tighter and get ready for the ride ahead. Well, saddle up buckaroos, this ride is going to get wild! Many of my growers’ original concerns with me, specifically as a...

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No “One Size Fits All” for Soil Nutrition

One of the greatest marketing tag lines of all time is “One size fits all!” That sure makes it easy to shop. Unfortunately, when you’re a mountain of a man like me at 5’7” and 160 pounds, a typical trucker’s hat is going to have to be cinched up like a 10-year-old wearing grandpa’s belt to keep it from falling over my ears. Farmers keep looking for the silver bullet of one-size-fits-all as well. One of my favorite questions from my clients this time of year is, “What do you do post-harvest?” Once a detailed prescription is calculated, the diagnosis...

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Advancing Crop Nutrition

As the 2020 season draws to a close, hopefully you and your agronomist have a chance to review the season and plan for 2021. It has certainly been a challenging season with a wet and cool Spring, COVID-19 disruptions and late, intense heat waves. Although it would be nice to put a difficult season behind us and start fresh, we must remember that for the crop, next year's start is dependent on how this season ends. This is definitely true of crop nutrition as both nutrients and carbohydrates will be stored for utilization next spring. Early- and mid-season tissue samples...

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4Rs of Nitrogen Management in Walnuts

“Are growers applying too much nitrogen to their crops?” This is a question Parry Klassen, director of the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition, looks to answer when discussing nitrogen, nitrates, groundwater quality and growing walnuts in a webinar hosted by West Coast Nut in July. (more…)

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Marketing During a Pandemic: American Pecans Target Social Distancing Food Trends

As we honor our nation’s independence, many of us are celebrating differently this year—familiar routines may be upended due to restrictions or continued concerns for safety. As consumer behaviors have changed in recent months, successful marketing programs have likewise adapted. At American Pecans, remaining nimble in marketing strategy has allowed us to successfully adjust to the latest consumer trends and behaviors. (more…)

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