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The “Four Rs” for Nitrogen Efficiency

Following the 4R’s of nutrient stewardship – using the right source, at the right rate, at the right time and the right place – is key to ensuring nitrogen is used as efficiently as possible. Irrigation management also comes into play since nitrates are mobile and move with water. As a result, applying the correct amount of water at the correct time is part of the overall nitrogen stewardship equation. (more…)

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Sharing the Good News About Pistachios:

Buoyed by positive research news, a bountiful harvest in 2019, and robust exports to key markets, American Pistachio Growers (APG) maintains its focus to build and sustain long-term profitability and sustainability. (more…)

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The Dirt on Soil

As farmers, every time we attend another seminar on soils, we get the rundown on the soils chart: Sand v. Loam v. Clay. Thirty percent of “this” gives you “that.” Percolation models, clay lenses that perch water, sand streaks and grandpa’s “bitch” alkali flats are important to note. Eighty-five percent Whitney Mollic Hyploxeralfs of fan remnants from a back slope is great for my rock geek buddies that work for Geosyntech or Exxon Mobile, but without geoengineering, they are just pieces of information to most of us. What’s truly important to farmers is how quickly water and nutrients move through...

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Healthy Soil Practices Bring Economic and Environmental Benefits to Almond Growers

If almond growers are wondering about the economic and environmental benefits of healthy soils farming practices, new evidence shows investment in healthy soil practices has definitely been worthwhile for two almond farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley.  American Farmland Trust (AFT) released eight “Accelerating Soil Health” case studies recently, which document the benefits of soil health growing practices on farm incomes and the environment.  For almond production, healthy soils practices include cover cropping, nutrient management (leaf sampling, fertigation and targeted fertilizer applications), mulching the prunings, and compost application. The participating growers for the two California case studies were Ralf Sauter...

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The Ins and Outs of Tissue Testing

As this year’s spectacular bloom is now replaced with delicate green leaves, it’s time to start the foliar testing process.  Of course, the UC has created and implemented the Early Sampling Protocol (UCD-ESP) to better assess our nitrogen needs long before we notice a real problem. Last year we witnessed a crazy March filled with turbulent storms charged with an abundance of lightning strikes.  The atmospheric nitrogen that was transformed through those charges may have been a great contributor to higher than normal nitrogen numbers many of my growers experienced.  The good news is, much of it went into the...

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