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Can Electricity Aid in the Fight Against Herbicide-Resistant Italian Ryegrass in Hazelnuts?

Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) is an economically important tree nut crop with a world market value of over $2 billion. The vast majority of the 88,000 acres of U.S. hazelnuts are grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley due to ideal environmental conditions. Weed management is key to ensure high hazelnut yields by preventing weed competition, but also to maximize harvest efficiency as orchard floors must be kept weed- and debris-free to allow for efficient mechanized harvest. Troublesome weeds such as Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne L. spp. multiflorum; Fig. 1) can thrive in hazelnut orchards. This annual winter weed (Poaceae) grows across the...

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Weed Control in Nut Orchards

Identifying the weeds in an orchard is one of the first strategies in attacking the problem. This is advice given by one of the top weed researchers in the field of plant sciences, UCCE Weed Science Specialist Brad Hanson, during a presentation at the Tehama County Agriculture Producer’s Day. Hanson said an integrated approach that starts with proper identification is the best approach. “I think it’s important to understand the weed problem you’re trying to manage, consider what management option you have, and seek integrated approaches to weed management using chemical, cultural, biological/cultural and physical manipulations of the cropping system,”...

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Fall Weed Control a Good Prep for Winter’s ‘Heavy Lifting’

As harvest comes to a close and tree nut growers and PCAs start looking to next year, fall weed control and planning ahead for winter weed management should be priorities, according to Brad Hanson, UCCE weed specialist at UC Davis. While fall isn’t the most critical period for controlling weeds from an orchard crop standpoint, it can be a vital time to get a head start on winter weed control programs. “I kind of half-jokingly have said that what you are doing in the fall is buying enough time after harvest is done to enjoy Thanksgiving and go deer hunting...

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Weed Management in Young Nut Orchards

Sunlight and water are major drivers of young tree nut growth, but they also contribute to problematic weed populations that can steal nutrients and water from vulnerable young trees. Fewer effective herbicide options for growers and increasing herbicide resistance in some formulations can be roadblocks to effective weed control in orchards, making it important for growers to up their game. Identifying weeds in their early stages of growth, knowing if they are perennial or annual and timing herbicide applications when they will be most effective are strategies recommended by weed control experts. Drew Wolter, Almond Board of California’s new senior...

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Weed Control in Young Orchards

Planning and persistence with weed control is one way to ensure a healthier start for young nut trees. Lack of an effective weed control program early in the life of an orchard robs young trees of water, nutrients and light, affecting their growth and yield potential in the future. When weeds are not controlled, large seed banks can build in the soil and a grower will be playing catch up for years to bring down weed pressure. Large weeds uncontrolled in a young orchard can affect herbicide spray efficacy and hold leaf litter in place, shielding emerging weeds from herbicide...

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