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What Growers Have Learned About Growing Self-Fertile Almonds

Self-fertile almond varieties are not going to overtake the gold standard Nonpareil in planted acreage...
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Almond Facilities Wrestle with Harvest Overload

Kevin Long is getting close to overload at Superior Almond Hulling. As general manager for...
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Varietal Research Leads to Latest Almond Variety

The Almond Board of California (ABC) started supporting Regional Variety Trials (RVTs) in the 1970s...
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Nut Harvest Safety: Where are Employees Getting Hurt?

Before we know it, it will be harvest season in almond orchards. You will be...
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Time Orchard Mowing Right to Reduce Dust and Potential Disease

Reducing dust in almond orchards for mite control has been a common practice. Roads are...
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