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New Findings on Walnut Kernel Mold

Recent UC research confirmed work done in the mid-1970s that timely sweeping and pickup after...
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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Hazelnuts

Hazelnut growers are no strangers to battling invasive and destructive species. Farmers famously battled back...
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Smart Irrigation Technology Can Help with Water Management Decisions

Almond growers determined to get ‘more crop per drop’ heard some new takes on smart...
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Chill, Heat and Choosing Male Pollinizers: A Complex Situation for Pistachio Growers

In spite of being a hardy tree, pistachios can be picky about bloom time temperatures....
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Phytophthora a Major Threat to Almonds and Walnuts

Of the many pathogens affecting California almond and walnut production, Phytophthora species rank high on...
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