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Walnut Husk Fly

The walnut husk fly, Rhagoletis completa (Diptera: Tephritidae), is a colorful fly of about the same size as the house fly but has iridescent greenish eyes, and banded wings. (more…)

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Manage Nitrogen and Irrigation to Reduce Hull Rot Infections

Planned deficit irrigation and balanced nitrogen applications have been proven to reduce the incidence of hull rot in almonds. (more…)

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Predicting and Managing Walnut Blight

Timing spray applications to protect walnut trees from blight infection can be done based on orchard history with the disease and monitoring buds along with the forecasting tool Xanthocast. (more…)

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Resurgence of Perennial Phytophthora Canker Disease of Almonds

Many species of Phytophthora continue to cause serious losses in California almond orchards. Collectively, these pathogens affect almond trees of all ages, causing decline and death in young orchards in their first few years of development as well as in bearing and fully mature orchards in their prime. We tend to name diseases caused by Phytophthora with reference to the tree parts most obviously affected, for example, Phytophthora species cause “root rot,” “crown rot,” “trunk and scaffold cankers,” and “pruning wound cankers.” At least 10 different species of Phytophthora are known to infect almonds, varying in tree parts they attack...

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Almond Flower, Foliar, and Fruit Diseases and Their Management

In the fight against flower, foliar and fruit diseases in almonds, there are key components growers need to be aware of as they decide what strategy fits best in the battle to protect their investment. First growers must know what disease they are up against, Dr. James E. Adaskaveg, professor and plant pathologist at UC Riverside told a group of growers at the North Valley Nut Conference. Spring and summer foliar, flower and fruit diseases include brown rot blossom blight, scab, rust, green fruit rot/jacket rot, shot hole, anthracnose, bacterial spot, bacterial blast, alternaria leaf spot, hull rot, or phytopthora...

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