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Main Fungal Canker Diseases Affecting California Almonds

Fungal canker diseases have long been known to affect almond trees in California. However, they have become an increasing concern to growers in recent years as they are affecting young trees to a greater extent, eventually resulting in significant tree losses. Canker diseases can also become prevalent in mature orchards, impacting yield, lifespan of trees, production costs and overall profitability of almond orchards. Ultimately, trunk and scaffold canker diseases are a major cause of tree death and branch dieback in California almond orchards. Questions that farm advisors, almond growers and PCAs frequently receive are in relation to canker diseases, asking...

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Nematode Infestations in Walnuts

The time frame for planning a new walnut orchard can span months, if not years. From ordering trees to site preparation, growers understand the importance of preplant planning to ensure optimal orchard growth. It is important to know the site history and soil types when planning a new orchard. If the orchard is to follow an old walnut orchard, particular attention needs to be given to the tree removal process. For successful walnut production, it is the level of damaging nematode species found in the soil that must be addressed prior to setting trees in the ground.   Fumigation and...

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Efficacy and Adoption of AF36

Reducing navel orangeworm damage in almond and pistachio orchards is one way of preventing aflatoxin contamination in the harvested crops. Another component that is widely used in pistachio orchards and is gaining traction in the almond industry is the use of AF36, a sterilized sorghum product that carries spores of an atoxigenic strain of the fungus Aspergillus flavus. This fungus species occurs naturally in orchard soils and has both toxigenic and atoxigenic strains. The atoxigenic AF36, spread on orchard floors, displaces the toxigenic strains that can cause formation of aflatoxin when the nuts are damaged by navel orangeworm. Since use...

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Canker Disease in Almond Orchards

Knowing which pathogen is likely causing trunk and scaffold cankers in almond trees, or which pathogen is the most prevalent invader in an orchard, is critical for the adoption of the most effective control solutions. Florent Trouillas, UCCE specialist at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Parlier, said trunk and scaffold canker disease in almond orchards can be found statewide and is the most common call he receives from pest control advisors and farm advisors. (more…)

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Hullsplit Logistics

Hullsplit signals the approach of harvest and presents opportunities for growers to ensure a quality crop. A year’s worth of careful water and nutrition management, pest control and floor maintenance can be realized at hullsplit. (more…)

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