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End of Year Irrigation

It’s here: the last month. 2020 is winding down; pray for rain. In my humble opinion, it couldn’t end quickly enough. I’m ready to forget 2020 faster than I forgot where I put my keys. For nut farmers, we hope the worst is behind us with low prices and stalled markets; yet, we trudge on. We catch our breath, fix any equipment we wore out this year, service our systems, clean our irrigation lines, apply our soil amendments and fill our soil profile with water. “Wait, what?”, you ask. “I’m tired, I’m done, and I don’t have any water left...

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Transpiration Uniformity as a Useful Metric for Tree Nut Growers

Distribution uniformity (DU) has long been viewed as a top priority for orchard managers. However, many successful growers are turning to a next-generation measurement thought to be more effective in improving yield: transpiration uniformity (TU). This article explains the differences between the two metrics and argues that TU should become the preferred metric for most growers.   What’s the Difference? Distribution uniformity is a measure of the irrigation system. Transpiration uniformity is a measure of the plant itself, and as such, is more closely related to the holy grail of tree uniformity. Specifically, DU describes how uniformly water is being...

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Information Resources to Make an Irrigation Plan for Next Year

As the 2020 fall harvest season ends and we turn toward the winter season, there is an opportunity to reflect upon the past irrigation season and prepare for 2021 by looking for irrigation management information. Good irrigation management involves understanding your irrigation system and utilizing available information to decide how much to irrigate and when. Many resources are available to inform your irrigation management and allow you to refine your 2021 irrigation plan.   Getting Irrigation Right We principally think of irrigation management affecting tree and crop development as spring/summer shoot growth, fruit and nut development, bud development for next...

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The Role of Irrigation Technology in Your Future Orchard

With the sting of California’s latest drought still in memory and the state beginning to clamp down on groundwater use, maximizing every “crop per drop” of water has never been more important. This reality, in fact, helped propel the almond industry to announce its Almond Orchard 2025 Goals – one of which is to reduce the amount of water needed to grow a pound of almonds by an additional 20%. To achieve that goal and continue improving water use efficiency for years to come, industry members throughout the state will increasingly look to advanced irrigation technology to help adequately address...

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Pressure Chamber Gauges Tree Water Stress, Helping Fine-tune Orchard Irrigation

UC Davis Plant Sciences Professor Ken Shackel, who has spent much of his career working with the pressure chamber, thinks of the device as measuring the “blood pressure” of plants. Unlike blood pressure, which is taken when a person is resting, pressure chamber readings are taken during midday when the tree is most active in pulling moisture through the xylem into its leaves. Although Shackel has been a staunch promoter of the device since the early 1990s, he said the industry has been slow to catch on. A recent survey by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Fertilizer Research...

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