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The Latest in Drone Technology

Stressed trees and pest outbreaks in large orchards are not always easy to see with “on the ground inspections.” Time and cost for labor in checking orchards comes into play. There is also the possibility of an incorrect diagnosis. Identifying problem trees or areas and determining reason for tree stress can now be done with aerial drone technology. Aerial Drone Technology Chris Lawson, development manager for Aerobotics, a Cape Town based AgriTech startup, said aerial drone technology can assist growers and farm managers in identifying health or pest problem areas in large orchards. The company was co-founded by James Paterson...

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More Efficiency with Less Labor: The Coming Age of Autonomous Equipment

The agriculture industry has been steadily adopting more and more digital advancements that have been made available since the coming of the new millennium. The implementation of technological breakthroughs appears to be coming at a more rapid pace as connectivity improvements and software innovations increasingly develop. One particular area of technological advancement that is projected to grow significantly in the coming years is the development and demand for autonomous farming equipment. Autonomous farm equipment can include tractors, harvesters, thinners, sprayers, as well as any other equipment that does not require a human operator to be onboard the machine to operate...

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Drone Adoption Grows as Technology Rapidly Evolves

Before drone technology became available farmers would have to procure images of their operations from satellite services or through the use of manned aircraft. In a relatively short period of time the cost, quality and sophistication of aerial image capture changed significantly. What began as somewhat of a novelty has grown into a full-fledged industry that continues to become more advanced every year. While drone technology initially developed outside of the agricultural sector, it did not take long to realize that many of the features being utilized in other industries could be applied on farming operations. An increasing number of...

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Land, Water, Air: What’s Happening in Irrigation Tech

All farmers use technology in their orchards.This includes technology as it applies to—and continues to shape—irrigation. Agriculture has seen some incredible changes since the ancient peoples diverted flood waters into their fields in 6000 B.C., and the shifts in technology allow today’s farmers to know far more about what is happening in the soil, the trees, and with the water. When drip irrigation was invented in 1960, the irrigation and farming industries were transformed. In the 1970s, neutron probes appeared on the market and created yet another step for irrigation and farming. With the need to know more about what...

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Use of Technology in Regulatory Functions

By Terry Brase | Director, Farm of the Future at West Hills Community College

As more and more technological devices and practices are developed, growers will continue to get  and more sales pitches. A walk through any conference exhibit hall is a small look at the huge market that is ag technology. It is a very competitive market and these companies and developers are not only fighting for the investor’s dollar, they are competing for the growers sales dollars. Developers and their marketers must provide justification to the grower for their products. If the market is to support the product, it must have a specific benefit to the grower. Benefits of Technology The obvious...

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