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The Evolution of Orchard Pesticides

Some memories from the early days of my career as a California licensed PCA stand out among the rest. The first was feeling overwhelmed by the incredible number of crop protection products I needed to learn in the fruit and nut crops for which I was responsible. I doubted whether I could ever remember all the branded and generic products available. The second was feeling relieved that I would not have to use many of the potent, broad-spectrum chemicals of the past. As growers and PCA veterans recounted their pest management "war-stories", many highlighted the dangers of those products that were no longer registered. As...

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The Future of Orchard Spraying

Experienced nut growers and pest control advisers (PCAs) understand the importance of orchard spraying to the production of a high-quality crop. Missing the mark on a crop protection spray can have a devastating impact on yield or quality. (more…)

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The Missing Link in Orchard Tech: Centralizing Field Data for Growers and Agronomists

Have you ventured into the world of ag tech for your orchard, hoping to gain efficiency in your operations, and found that you only lost valuable time and money in the process? Have you decided not to renew a farm software license because it simply did not fit how you work? If so, please know that you are not alone. The digital ag revolution is here, but difficulties in managing the data can make it feel like a losing battle. "Digital agriculture" is a broad term used to describe an approach to farming that leverages digital tools to improve the...

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Preparing Your Orchard for Ag Tech:

The technology floodgates have burst wide-open in the agriculture industry. It is nearly impossible to read a trade magazine, attend a convention or scroll through social media without encountering agricultural technology in one form or another. That should be no surprise. The rapid pace of technological advancement is transforming many industries, as well as our daily personal lives. But the continual procession of new ag technology products and services can be overwhelming, and the associated time and cost of evaluating each is proving to be a barrier to adoption. Most growers and consultants recognize a need to become more efficient...

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Drone Technology in Nut Crops

Growers have put ‘boots on the ground’ for generations to visually inspect their fields and orchards. With the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles that carry infrared cameras, growers now have the opportunity to view real time orchard and field conditions on their phones and make management decisions to improve crop health and production. Dr. Gregory Kriehn, California State University, Fresno, engineering professor and speaker at the Walnut Day in Visalia, said use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones is becoming more common in agriculture as growers are seeking more precision in application of water, nutrients or pesticides. California farms, which...

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