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State Considering New Pesticide Application Advance Notifications

The environmental justice movement has hit a new threshold as the state legislature has now approved, and the Governor signed, a budget that includes $10 million for a new statewide notification system for pesticide application. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) has wasted no time in moving on the effort and has already held a series of focus group meetings to discuss the issue and begin developing the framework of the new program. This new effort will focus on advance notification of potential pesticide applications. While admitting that California already has the most robust pesticide regulatory program in the...

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Biopesticides Complement Traditional Insecticides for Resistance Management and Residue Limits

With biopesticide use, it’s more about returns and less about risk. It is a safe bet that most tree nut growers have heard of biopesticides and their use to control pests and diseases in orchards. Many have questions about biopesticide efficacy and cost compared to their synthetic counterparts. Growers understand that reducing their use of synthetic pesticides while maintaining control of damaging insects and diseases is a positive move, but they also take a hard look at their return on investment. Biopesticides are pest and disease control materials that are derived from plants, microorganisms and other natural substances such as...

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Almond Leaf Scorch: A Periodic Disease in Almonds

An almond disease that has been present in California since at least the 1950s raised concerns last year among growers and UCCE advisors when symptoms began showing up in Sacramento Valley orchards. Although this disease has been present for at least 70 years, UCCE advisors noted that it only surfaces periodically. They also reported that warmer summer and winter temperatures appear to increase disease prevalence. There is a concern that ALS could move from a minor issue for the industry to a potentially serious problem as the climate changes. ALS has predominantly been found in the Sacramento Valley. As reported...

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A Look Back at 2008-12 Navel Orangeworm Area-Wide IPM Project and Development of Mating Disruption for NOW

In principle, an area-wide integrated pest management program (AW-IPM) is a coordinated effort to target an entire pest population over a region with coordinated IPM tactics. AW-IPM, like IPM itself, is an ideal to be approached rather than a recipe to be followed. The USDA sterile insect technique (SIT) program to eradicate the New World screwworm is perhaps the best-known program of this type. The USDA-ARS AW-IPM program provides supplementary funding to USDA researchers and collaborators for five-year demonstration programs used to show how new or improved technology can be used. Grower and industry support is a prerequisite. A five-year...

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Biological Control of Navel Orangeworm in Tree Nut Orchards

University of California researchers have been evaluating the role of biological control of navel orangeworm (NOW) in California for nearly five decades. This includes efforts since the 1970s to document the impacts of native predators and parasitoids on NOW control, and to find new parasitoid species to import and introduce. In general, biological control for NOW has had a secondary role in IPM programs, with cultural and chemical controls, including mating disruption, taking the lead. However, as broad-spectrum insecticides become more and more obsolete within almond and walnut production systems, and as producers of all nut crops embrace reduced-risk technologies...

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