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Nut Growers Society Annual Meeting

For the first time in two years, Oregon hazelnut growers had the privilege of gathering for the largest event on the industry calendar: the annual Winter Meeting. After an all-virtual meeting in 2021, farmers were joyful to be back in-person for the 107th edition of the event. An estimated 600 growers, guests, speakers, sponsors and vendors gathered to celebrate all things hazelnuts and learn about the year ahead for the industry. A new venue, Spirit Mountain, was chosen to host the event to give attendees a new experience. [caption id="attachment_13015" align="aligncenter" width="1669"] The...

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View from the Top: Q and A with Monte Vista Farming CEO Jonathan Hoff

Two years into the supply chain crisis, Jonathan Hoff is tired of being nice. “We need somebody who’s going to pound their fist on the table, tell the Federal Maritime Commission to get this done, and get it done now,” he says. Hoff is CEO of Monte Vista Farming Company, an almond growing, processing and exporting business based in the small town of Denair in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Since the pandemic exploded in 2020, extensive shipping delays and cancellations have created a logistics nightmare and cut sharply into Monte Vista’s export business. Moreover, Hoff believes returns to almond growers...

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Cal/OSHA Enforcement Trends in Agriculture

As you begin to prepare for your upcoming season, it is an ideal time to implement a new best practice and review your company’s safety program. Safety issues are complex, and it can be a challenge to know where to focus extra time and attention. We highly recommend agricultural operations look at regulatory agency citation data to have a better understanding of their enforcement priorities and to review industry trends. This information will assist in providing a road map of where to focus your efforts as you begin to plan for the season. In this article we will investigate Cal/OSHA...

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Five Things to Do in Walnut Orchards in the Spring

New Year’s Eve was a couple months ago, but, as spring approaches, a new year is just beginning in walnut orchards. Depending on the walnut variety and growing area, buds will soon start pushing and roots will begin searching for nutrients and possibly water. With warmer weather, pests and disease will also start new life cycles. These natural occurrences are reminders that certain tasks need to be done in orchards in a timely manner to ensure tree health and productivity. Orchard sanitation, including blowing off berms and shredding orchard debris, starts the year off with a clean orchard. Preemergent herbicide...

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How Marketing is Growing the Base of California Walnut Lovers

California Walnuts recently launched a new digital advertising plan to capture and expand growing walnut consumption. The digital advertising program is part of the “Do More with Walnuts” campaign, which inspires consumers to discover new ways to use walnuts. Using walnuts in new ways can drive additional walnut purchases. Today’s consumer is savvier and demands marketing content that precisely fits their lifestyle interests. Therefore, in crop year 2021-22, California Walnuts evolved its approach to reaching consumers. Instead of targeting a specific age group or gender, California Walnuts is reaching audiences based on lifestyle choices. California Walnuts has always worked hard...

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Insights and Issues with Ag Technologies

Automation and control of irrigation can be achieved with new technology, Pat Biddy of Vanguard reported at the 2021 Almond Conference. Many growers have incorporated at least some form of these tools that can help them increase irrigation efficiency and help them with labor savings, irrigation at off-peak, and accuracy in nutrient applications. Biddy was one of several panelists at the conference’s precision agriculture technology session who shared insights on advantages for growers and the agriculture industry adopting new technologies. He also noted some of the issues with precision technology that result in inaccurate information. Poor calibration, improper maintenance, and...

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