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Tips for Financial Planning Through the Drought

As we watch growers rapidly implementing deficit irrigation to keep their crops alive with what water they have, protecting those same growers against wild financial fluctuations has never been more important. While much decision-making and troubleshooting is being executed at the moment, it’s a crucial time to set some concrete plans. The lack of water has meant diminished current-year crops, leading to less revenue. Undeveloped land must continue in fallow condition so that water allotments can be used elsewhere on existing crops. Longer-term conditions are impacting the value of land based on the future water outlook, and this impacts both...

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California Legislative Recap for 2021

The 2021 legislative session was an interesting one, still subject to COVID-19 restrictions limiting access to the Capitol, but bolstered by a big surplus budget. All in all, things could have been far worse. The following is a brief summary on the bills we felt were most important to the tree nut industry during this year’s session. AB 73 (R. Rivas) Current law requires the State Department of Public Health and the Office of Emergency Services to establish a personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpile, and requires the department to establish guidelines for the procurement, management and distribution of PPE, taking...

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Working at Heights

As one of many post-agricultural harvest operations, the nut hulling and processing industry continues to flourish in the state of California. The demand for this commodity has been a driving force in the growth of nut farming as well as processing facilities in the past few years. The increase of nut hulling and processing operations is accompanied by the safety challenges these employers face to keep employees safe and comply with Cal/OSHA regulations. Like any other agriculture-related business, nut processing operations are seasonal. This characteristic brings forth the exposure to non-routine safety risks. Non-routine tasks are work tasks that are...

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Employment Regulations to Know for 2021

It is that time of the year when many new employment law regulations took effect when the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1. In addition to the list of policies and programs you launched last year, including your COVID-19 Prevention Plan, I want to ensure you pay close attention to these regulations and get them integrated into your operation. California Wage Increase In 2016, Governor Brown signed legislation that would gradually increase minimum wage rates in California, with the intent that by 2023 all California employees would earn at least $15 per hour. Jan. 1, 2021 marks...

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New Ag Employer Legislation for COVID-19

Prior to the end of the 2020 legislative year, Governor Newsom signed a flurry of new bills in an effort to provide additional COVID-19 safeguards. These new laws dictate the way in which businesses navigate COVID-19 protections for their employees. Two bills in particular, SB 1159 and AB 685, will have the biggest impact on California agricultural employers. These statutes have a number of elements which will require an investment of time and resources to develop policies and practices in an effort to be compliant. Senate Bill 1159, Workers’ Compensation Presumption, is essentially an extension of Governor Newsom’s Executive Order...

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